Journal of Opioid Management

What does current research in basic science and the clinical use of opioids show?

Journal of Opioid Management addresses this important question and more faced by medical professionals as they deal with the complexities of opioid therapy.

Journal of Opioid Management is a peer-reviewed, professional journal that addresses all aspects of the safe use and management of opioids. The Journal provides guidance to physicians and healthcare professionals on how to safely prescribe and responsibly manage these important drugs.

Journal of Opioid Management topics and features include:

· The latest basic science and clinical application of opioid therapy
· Guidelines on proper opioid prescribing and compliance
· Latest information on Opioid-REMS
· Legal issues and the ongoing regulatory environment
· And much more!

Designed to meet the challenge faced by medical professionals as they prescribe opioids, Journal of Opioid Management fills what's been called "a dangerous gap" in medical literature at a time when the Federal spotlight has been switched on to the rising problem of abuse and addiction tied to these prescription painkillers.

With an editorial review board of the world's leading experts in the field, under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief, Paul A. Sloan, MD, Journal of Opioid Management addresses all aspects of the use and safe management of opioids. It provides guidance to physicians and healthcare professionals on how to safely prescribe and responsibly manage these drugs. Subscribe today!



2016 International Conference on Opioids ICOO|2016


Join us for the 2016 International Conference On Opioids (ICOO|2016) in Boston, June 5-7 at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School.

We have received an excellent group of presentations submitted for the conference. The conference committee is currently scoring the presentations and we expect final selections in the next week or two.

Visit the conference website for details!

Posted: 2016-01-01
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Vol 12, No 2 (2016): March/April 2016

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Table of Contents


Beatrice Setnik, PhD, Edward J. Cone, PhD
Mark R. Jones, MD, Alan David Kaye, MD, PhD, Aaron J. Kaye, BA, Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA
Francesca L. Beaudoin, MD, MS, Geetanjoli N. Banerjee, MPH, Michael J. Mello, MD, MPH
Steven Schultz, PharmD, Carol Chamberlain, PharmD, Psych MA, Marius Vulcan, MD, Humair Rana, MD, Bhavin Patel, PharmD, MBA, John C. Alexander, MD
Alexandra Fife, PharmD, Andrea Postier, MPH, Andrew Flood, PhD, Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, MD, FAAP
Doralina L. Anghelescu, MD, Rakesh M. Patel, MD, Daniel P. Mahoney, MD, Luis Trujillo, MD, Lane G. Faughnan, BSN, Brenda D. Steen, MSN, Justin N. Baker, MD, Deqing Pei, MS
Martin E. Hale, MD, Yuju Ma, MS, Richard Malamut, MD
Christopher Sankey, MD, CCFP (EM), Beatrice Setnik, PhD, Zoltan Harsanyi, BSc (Hon), MLS, MBA, PStat. (SSC), PSTAT® (ASA), Ken Michalko, PharmD, MBA, Zejiang Yang, PhD, Pierre Geoffroy, MDCM, MSc, FCFP, DABAM

Letters to the Editor

Roland N. Kaddoum, MD, Doralina L. Anghelescu, MD, Cynthia Karam, Marie T. Aouad, MD, Eveline Hitti, MD, MBA