Recent Emails

Dear Reader,

A quick note of thanks for your patience while updated all the archives in
our new Journal of Opioid Management system. I now realize that you may have
received multiple emails from our system. I do apologize. Our system was
configured to email all users automatically when new issues were added. We
added all back issues from 2011 back to the journal's start in 2005. This
was approximately 36 issues and several hundred articles. It is possible you
received several (many!) emails from this system and I do apologize.

Moving forward, we will continue to publish our print edition as well as our
online edition via this new platform. We will be spinning down our old
Ejournal platform (Pressmart). If you have not been moved to this platform,
please contact Brenda at and she will be happy to
move your subscription.

As always, I look forward to your comments. I thank you for your dedication
to the goals of the journal, the proper use of opioids in the medicine.


Mr. Richard A. DeVito, Jr.
Journal of Opioid Management
Weston Medical Publishing, LLC