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The history of higher education in emergency management: The Emergency Management Institute, the National Science Foundation, and the William Averette Anderson Fund

William L. Waugh Jr, PhD, Kay C. Goss, CEM


As the profession of emergency management has matured, the roles and responsibilities of emergency managers  have  expanded,  new  technologies  have been deployed, and emergency management educa- tion grown and has become better connected to emer- gency management practice. This special topic cover- age (in three parts) addresses many of the changes in emergency management education over the past four decades, including the expansion of academic pro- grams for those preparing to enter the field, those transitioning from emergency response and other fields, and those moving into supervisory and man- agement positions in emergency management and related organizations. It also addresses some of the issues that academic programs have encountered as they have developed and have found their places in academic institutions. (Login to read more.)

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