Suicidal bomb explosions in Sri Lanka

Rohan Ruwanpura, MD, DLM, DFM(RCPA), DMJ, Kiribathgalage Sunil Kumara, MBBS, MD, DLM, Hemamal Jayawardane, MBBS, DLM, MD, LLB, Lalantha B.L. de Alwis, MBBS, DLM, MD


Injuries due to explosive devices are often seen in Sri Lanka. The involvement of suicide bombers is the peculiar feature of these bomb explosions. Analysis of injuries observed in the suicide bombers showed distinctive injury patterns consisting of detachment of the head and limbs, severe disruption of the trunk, burns at the transected tissue margins, presence of cyanide capsule in the neck, and absence of the shrapnel injuries. These findings are helpful in recognition of the perpetrator for the subsequent legal proceedings and also important in organization of preventive measures.
In this context, suicide bomber could be defined as an individual carrying high explosive device, attached to his/her body and must be recognized as a separate medicolegal entity.


explosion, suicide bomber, injury pattern

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