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Effectiveness of three just-in-time training modalities for N-95 mask fit testing

David Jones, MD, Genevieve Stoler, MD, Joe Suyama, MD


Objective: To compare and contrast three different training modalities for fit testing N-95 respirator face masks.
Design: Block randomized interventional study.
Setting: Urban university.
Participants: Two hundred eighty-nine medical students.
Interventions: Students were randomly assigned to video, lecture, or slide show to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods for fit testing large groups of people.
Main outcome measures: Ease of fit and success of fit for each instructional technique.
Results: Mask 1 was a Kimberly-Clark duckbill N-95 respirator mask, and mask 2 was a 3M™carpenters N-95 respirator mask. “Ease of fit” was defined as the ability to successfully don a mask in less than 30 seconds. “Success of fit” was defined as the ability to correctly don a mask in one try. There were no statistical differences by training modality for either mask regarding ease of fit or success of fit.
Conclusion: There were no differences among video presentation, small group demonstration, and self-directed slide show just-in-time training modalities for ease of fit or success of fit N-95 respirator mask fitting. Further study is needed to explore more effective fit training modalities.


infectious diseases, personal protective equipment, N-95 respirator masks

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