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First-responder preparedness in western North Carolina: A preliminary analysis

Lisa T. Briggs, PhD, Karen A. Mason, PhD


The need for well-prepared emergency response agencies has become more evident since the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the terrorist attack on 9/11. While political and public attention has focused on the needs of urban areas, the state of preparedness among rural first-responder agencies has not been sufficiently addressed. Rural areas are home to nearly 59 million US citizens and are the sites of critical infrastructure and military facilities. An assessment of emergency-related resources in rural areas is necessary not only to protect these assets but also to support disasters in neighboring urban areas. To better understand the level of preparedness in rural western North Carolina (WNC), this survey measures perceptions of emergency preparedness for natural disasters and terrorist attacks among representatives from first-responder agencies in 18 counties.


rural, first responder, preparedness

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