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Impact of school closings on hospital staff absenteeism: A case study

Nathan Timm, MD, Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan, MD, MPH, Joseph S. Kroner, MSN, RN


Objective: Determine the impact school closings during snow emergencies have on hospital nursing absenteeism.
Design: Retrospective case-control study.
Setting: Large urban tertiary-care children’s hospital.
Participants: Inpatient nursing staff.
Main outcomes measured: Absenteeism rates due to lack of child care during snow emergency dates.
Results: There is a statistically significant difference between nursing absenteeism due school closings compared with control dates (p = 0.01); however, the overall impact on hospital nursing staff availability is minimal (0.4 percent).
Conclusions: Short-term school closings during snow emergencies do not result in significant rates of nursing absenteeism due to lack of child care.


nursing, absenteeism, schools

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