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When terrorism comes to school: Better planning through a focus on key functions, not scenarios

Michael Dorn, MSM, Chris Dorn


The 2004 terrorist attack on Russian schoolchildren, teachers, and parents in Beslan shocked the conscience of the world. Clearly, there are lessons to be learned from this and other atrocities. However, there is a dangerous tendency to focus too much on past terrorism scenarios when deciding how to address future terrorism concerns for our schools. While it is always crucial that we examine previous events and learn from them, our extensive research, training, and formal work experience in the field of antiterrorism in schools shows that an excessively scenario-driven approach is affecting many communities. This article explores how using a reality-based, functional approach to school antiterrorism measures will yield better results than in-depth analysis of previous instances of school-related terrorism.


school, antiterrorism, drill, public safety, scenario-driven approach, all-hazards approach

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