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Emergency management during wars: Case study Umm Al-Nasr Village “Bedouin Village”

Alaa M. A. Musalam, PhD, Nizam M. El-Ashgar, Muhammad Al-Agha, Abed Al-Shukry, PhD, Khaldun Mohammed


The aim of this study is to establish procedures to protect the residents of the Umm al-Nasr border village from the dangers of wars and military violations by preparing emergency management procedures for emergency personnel to protect the population and properties, as well as designing a model that simulates the Emergency Operations Department in the northern Gaza Strip. In addition, a mathematical equation was designed to calculate the strength of the true steadfastness of the society to defend the community in the event of war. The researchers used the analytical descriptive approach and the interview with the officials in the municipality of the village. The most important results of this study were the preparation of the risk matrix for the village of Umm al-Nasr by identifying the risks and analyzing them, determining the consequences and probability of each disaster threatening the village, designing a model showing the emergency operations and the effective institutions, and how to link the operations and coordination between the central chamber and the emergency committee besides the working institutions. In the field of relief, rescue and shelter as well as preparing preparedness and response measures in the event of war threatening the village. This study recommended the proper planning of the emergency management through the preparation of effective preparedness measures that seek to preserve life and property, and to protect the fragile communities in the Gaza Strip, especially the community of Umm al-Nasr to strengthen its steadfastness in the economic, environmental, and health sectors.


Gaza Strip, Umm al-Nasr Village, preparedness, disaster, emergency, vulnerability, emergency

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