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Research productivity on COVID-19 in Dimension database: An analytical study

Jeyapragash Balasubramani, PhD, Muthuraj Anbalagan


This paper examines the publications on COVID-19 in Dimensions database. A total of 13,697 records for the year 2020 have been extracted and analyzed under various categories. MS-Excel has been used to analyze the data with simple calculations. It is found that the “proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” article has received highest Altmetric Score of 31,680 among the top 10 articles, and also it is found that “Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel corona virus in Wuhan, China” article has received the highest number of citations (1,400). The source “medRxiv” has published the highest number of research articles (1,314), and the source “The Lancet” has received the highest number of citations (4,915). The author “Elisabeth Mahase” has published more number of articles (41) on COVID-19.


COVID-19, corona virus, dimensions, research publications, Altmetric Score (AS)

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