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Rapid microinduction of sublingual buprenorphine from methadone in an outpatient setting: “A case series”

Gurpreet Singh, MBBS, Jaya Sri Konakanchi, MBBS, Brandon Betsch, Aastha Thapa, Roopa Sethi, MD


Buprenorphine (BPN), FDA approved for opioid use disorder (OUD), requires an induction protocol for the patient in mild to moderate withdrawal. This can be problematic in outpatient practice due to complicated medical management. An emerging technique in literature uses a novel approach, called microinduction. In this method, escalating microdoses of BPN are administered, without requiring the patient to stop the opioid agonist.

Our addiction treatment center used a microdosing technique to transit patients from methadone to BPN, without requiring opioid abstinence. Our case series is novel as it was outpatient microinduction from methadone to BPN in 7 days or less.


buprenorphine, microinduction, opioid use disorder (OUD), medication-assisted treatment (MAT), opioid dependence, rapid microinduction, Bernese method

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