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Oxycodone-induced neurotoxicity secondary, to concurrent voriconazole use in a patient with cancer

Lana Alghothani, MD, Jillian Gustin, MD


Chronic pain is common in patients with underlying malignancy with prevalence of up to 70 percent in those with advanced disease. Opioids are often used for those with both active disease and chronic cancer-related pain. In high-risk patients with hematologic malignancies and pneumonia, the Infectious Diseases Society of America recommends empiric antifungal therapy, often with voriconazole or another similar azole agent. Thus, patients with cancer are commonly on medications, such as antifungals, that have the potential to interact with opioids, causing adverse effects. Our case demonstrates severe neurotoxicity due to the concurrent use of voriconazole and oxycodone.


neurotoxicity, oxycodone, voriconazole, cancer

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