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The use of opioids in a pregnant woman with lumbar disc herniation: A case report

Emi Matsumoto, MD, Kazuaki Yoshimura, MD, Eiichiro Nakamura, MD, Toru Hachisuga, MD, Masamichi Kashimura, MD


It is not easy to diagnose lumbar disc herniation during pregnancy due to the limitation of the examinations and it is also difficult to control the severe pain during this time. A pregnant woman with lumbar disc herniation was transferred to our hospital at the 23rd week of gestation. The pain was successfully controlled with opioids and epidural anesthesia. At the 35th week of gestation, she delivered a girl weighing 2316 g smoothly with an Apgar score of 8/9 without neonatal abstinence syndrome from morphine. In this case, opioid administration was found to be useful for perinatal care with lumbar disc herniation.


opioid rotation, pregnancy, lumbar disc herniation, neonatal abstinence syndrome

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